Are Vaccines meant to kill off the population?

Recently I read that it was revealed that scientists and others at the CDC covered up that the MMR vaccine caused autism in Black babies who received them.  Today I read that vaccines may cause a reduction in our population and Bill Gates states this in a video that is included in an article I received in my email this morning.  Apparently there is a virus that has been attacking children in multiple states and some have received intensive hospitalization because of this.  They are questioning if it is being brought into this country by illegal immigrants or questioning if it is from vaccinations.  Here is a link to the article and here is the link to the video where Bill Gates is all for using vaccines to reduce the worlds population.  It makes you wonder if you should ever get another flu shot or have your children immunized or any other medical assistance after reading and hearing this.

Pandemic outbreak/Vaccines

Video of Bill Gates – you may think he is speaking solely about CO2, but at the very end of this he reveals what he really means and he has supported population reduction for years.
Bill Gates on Population reduction per various means

Earth is becoming a scarier place!


Cardboard Testimonies…

I saw a video the other day and it moved me to share it here.

We all have a story to tell, but often times we do not want others to know about our past. They might not like us or they might sit in judgment of our choices or how we choose to live our lives. But there is not one of us who is perfect and we all make mistakes. In God’s eyes not one of our mistakes or choices is worse than another – although by the world’s standards there seems to be a measuring device where others decide one sin is worse than another, but that is simply not how God views it. Sin is sin, bad choices are bad choices, we all make them in our lives and we all unfortunately live with them and sometimes the weight of them gets very heavy and the burden gets so heavy we cannot carry them anymore. We might think we are not good enough for God and that He might reject us too, but He is not that way!

God has an answer for anything that we struggle with or ails us and we can have a new life if we choose to accept Him into our hearts. He wants to relieve you of the load you carry, He wants to take the weight of your past choices and mistakes and replace them with Him. He does not want you to carry the weight of that any longer, He only wants good things for you.

In 1 Peter 5:7 it states, “Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.” If you feel that no one cares, He does!! If you trust in God, this is His promise to you: “For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord.” “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11.
In Psalms 31:7 He tells us: “I see your hardships and I care about your suffering.” In the world today there are so few people who care about what happens to others, most are thinking about themselves only and they do not even see the people who are hurting and need a friend, a shoulder, a hand up, a way out of their life choices and they pass by them every day in their travels.

Please watch the video and see that it does not matter what you have been through, what you are going through now, what you cannot seem to get free from, what you cannot overcome and see that others have found an answer to those problems and are free of what kept them from experiencing life as God intended.

Please feel free to share if you would like! I am praying for those who are struggling with bad choices or life circumstances that have you doubting whether God cares – asking that God will show you that life is not hopeless and there is joy in knowing Him! God Bless all who read this.

Receiving a Death Sentence…What to do?

I have been absent from my posting again on my blog and my apologies to those who follow me.

This past month I have made a number of trips to Sioux Falls, SD and other doctor appointments with my Dad. We learned back in 2012 at Christmas time that he had cancer of the lung and since that time he has been receiving radiation treatments off and on. His appointment in April showed after his last radiation treatment that it appeared that they got the spots they were concerned about. When we returned this month they found 2 new spots. His oncologist at the VA hospital called and told me that they are not going to be able to do more radiation because it will cause more problems with his breathing. They will not give him chemotherapy because his family doctor kept telling us it was his heart and when he kept getting worse and weaker, we fired that doctor! I decided that we needed a second opinion from his VA doctor in Sioux City, Iowa and he did multiple tests and found the tumors on his lungs. We were then referred to his oncologist in Sioux Falls VA system and I learned this past week that after he had a PET scan that they do not feel they can offer any further help to him and he gives him 4 to 8 months to live.

My father has been depressed since learning this and I can completely understand why, but I do not believe we should stop looking for ways to fight this disease. I have taken it upon myself to do research online for alternative ways to fight cancer. My father lives on a fixed income and so we are looking for inexpensive ways to fight this. I read a book I downloaded about natural cures for cancer patients. This book had a recipe for sodium bicarbonate and maple syrup – you mix the correct amounts of each and bring them to a boil and let them boil for 5 minutes. Take it off the stove and allow it to cool. Then you take 2 tablespoons a day for a number of days and then stop it for a week or so and start on it again. So we have started that and he has 7 days left on that mix and he will then take a break and start in on it again. Since I am unsure if this will completely do the trick, I read on. One thing I learned is that sugar feeds cancer and so he is trying to stay away from “sweets.”

Another thing I learned is that you have to bring the patient’s immune system up because typically cancer begins when your immune system is poor, so he is going to start taking vitamins that we often do not get from our foods anymore because much of our foods are processed or genetically modified or have pesticides or excessive amounts of harmful sugars so that they will last longer on the shelves of our grocery stores or cupboards. I also know that a lot of our diets make our bodies more acidic and God meant our bodies to be more alkaline and so this requires getting ones pH level up to the 7 or 8 and one can do that by purchasing pH paper and checking it against their color chart to see what level you are at. Bringing your alkaline level up requires eating more foods that are good for you.

I also found a product that oxygenates the cells in your body and I learned that by getting oxygen to the cancer cells that it will kill them. I am doing a little more research on that product and trying to make sure we are not giving him something that may cause him more health issues. This product comes in drops that you place in juice or water and drink it each day and others who have had cancer have found it has sent them into remission. This is similar to hydrogen peroxide for human consumption, but this product produces far better results for cancer. I have another 160 pages to read of alternative methods to fight cancer. There is no guarantee that this will send the cancer packing, but I believe we need to do whatever we can to find other alternatives since his doctor has now washed his hands of this disease and also by doing this it helps get his mind off of the disease and hopefully will give him longer to live and better quality of life.

We also believe in God and know that He cares about our health and well-being, so we are daily lifting him in prayer and asking God to intervene as well. God may decide that He needs him home sooner than we would like, but we feel that we must fight this disease in anyway we can and we will fight until we cannot any longer.

We learned earlier this year that my Dad’s brother is fighting pancreatic cancer now and so they both call each other and try to encourage the other. My uncle Paul is a few years younger than my father and lives in Missouri. They are both praying for each other as well and have been in touch with each other more than ever. I am glad they visit often, as it helps them both.

What would you do if given a death sentence with your doctor throwing the towel in?

Peeling back the layers…

I follow a Dr. Wiggy on Facebook – he is an integrative medicine doctor practicing in Winston Salem, North Carolina. He was originally from Nebraska. He specializes in thyroid/hormone treatment as well. He truly has helped me online with the things he has posted and I just wanted to share a comment he made on his last posting on his Facebook page.

Dr. Wiggy: Thyroid MD
“Chronically ill patients are like peeling back the layers of an onion. It is amazing how many different deficiencies/imbalances they may have.”

I have had my fair share of doctors who do not believe in “peeling back the layers” and getting to the bottom of a problem, but have had many tell me it is all in my head, all my fault, or here’s another pill! Personally I believe any doctor who gets into medicine for any other reason other than a deep desire to heal and find out what is causing a patient’s health issue is a deadly weapon! They are a detriment to a patient’s health and one should proceed with caution or seek another doctors care.

I experienced 12 years of poor treatment for my thyroid disease – 12 years of feeling miserable and being told it was either my fault or all in my head. Many medications were prescribed that did not fix the underlying reason I felt that way and usually made me feel worse. The winter of 2012 I was in to see my healthcare provider for a physical and she began to blame me for a number of things and told me I had no idea what I was talking about in regards to my body and she said my problems were absolutely not hormones, but the weight I had gained. That was the last straw for me and I began to search for another doctor because I knew I was not going to get any help from her with her narrow-minded view of the whole picture. I located a doctor 2 hours drive from my home who specialized in thyroid disease and is an internal medicine doctor – Dr. Jeffery Passer, MD in Omaha, Nebraska. I got in to see him in June of 2012 and he listened to my symptoms and he took a battery of lab tests and assured me he would get to the bottom of my problems. Guess what he found – my thyroid levels were horrible (HORMONES), my female HORMONES were way out of range, I have reverse T3, I had adrenal insufficiency, I was diabetic (caused from not being optimally treated for thyroid disease and the weight I gained because of that), Vitamin D and B12 deficient, and many other lab test results were either high or low. He began to treat me for the thyroid and then we worked on the adrenal insufficiency when my saliva test returned and he was shocked at how low that was – it was just points above the very bottom levels – extremely low! Thyroid and cortisol levels can go hand in hand and finding a doctor who will test for both is key! He also increased my vitamin D intake and I gave myself B12 shots for a month until that came back into normal range. He worked on my female hormone levels and now they are back to normal. My diabetes was worked on and better and he eventually got me on a program called the Better Body System and I lost 68 lbs in 2 months time – best program I have found!! This doctor wanted to “peel back the layers” to get me feeling good again. I can honestly say I am so much better now – I am among the living again and I cannot thank him enough for all he has done to help me regain my health and life.

I went through 3 endocrinology doctors before my present doctor and they seemed to not understand thyroid disease and pretty much blamed me for weight gain and feeling poorly. It was not my fault – hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s disease, of which I have both, causes weight gain if not optimally treated, was well as all the other issues I obtained over that 12 year span. This being their expertise area one has to ask why they would blame the patient and not know that I was not being optimally treated. They are the kind of doctors I call Band-aid doctors or quacks – they scold you, they blame you and sometimes send you home with another pill and keep you coming, but they do nothing to eliminate or control the problem – often times they only “mask” it to get you by until you see them again.

If you are having health issues and you seem to be a mystery to your family provider or a specialist – fire them or find someone else – care enough about yourself and well-being to seek out further help – there are doctors out there that want to “peel back the layers” and get to the bottom of why you are feeling poorly! Why a doctor gets into this field of work if he does not deeply desire to heal his patients – is it greed, status, prestige – if it is for any of those reasons he should be avoided at all costs! It is your health and if they do not care about it then you have to! Seek out someone who does care how you feel and wants to get you better! I do not regret firing my provider – it was the best decision I made and it is empowering! It could be a matter of “Life” or “death!”

Food Addictions – is this why America is obese?

I wanted to share an article I read today from a doctor I have been following and I truly believe this is true! I believe the food industry is allowed to put whatever they wish to preserve the shelf life of the processed and pre-packaged foods on our grocery shelves and do not need to share what they are using or at restaurants and the foods they create – what are they using that could be making American’s fatter or craving foods! Yet many blame this on the consumer – is it their fault if they do not know what is in the food and why they are craving it – is it like a heroin addiction or cigarette smoking? I do believe it has addictive tendencies – there is something they are putting into these foods that I believe is making Americans fatter and possibly causing them to have health issues – how do we not know that these things could not possibly be causing cancer in ones body or other diseases to rule their ugly heads. I sometimes think we are guinea pigs and they are experimenting on us! I don’t know about you, but it makes me angry! Please read the article below and feel free to comment – I would enjoy hearing anyone’s thoughts on this!

Food Addiction – could this be why 70% of Americans are obese?