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Cardboard Testimonies…

I saw a video the other day and it moved me to share it here.

We all have a story to tell, but often times we do not want others to know about our past. They might not like us or they might sit in judgment of our choices or how we choose to live our lives. But there is not one of us who is perfect and we all make mistakes. In God’s eyes not one of our mistakes or choices is worse than another – although by the world’s standards there seems to be a measuring device where others decide one sin is worse than another, but that is simply not how God views it. Sin is sin, bad choices are bad choices, we all make them in our lives and we all unfortunately live with them and sometimes the weight of them gets very heavy and the burden gets so heavy we cannot carry them anymore. We might think we are not good enough for God and that He might reject us too, but He is not that way!

God has an answer for anything that we struggle with or ails us and we can have a new life if we choose to accept Him into our hearts. He wants to relieve you of the load you carry, He wants to take the weight of your past choices and mistakes and replace them with Him. He does not want you to carry the weight of that any longer, He only wants good things for you.

In 1 Peter 5:7 it states, “Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.” If you feel that no one cares, He does!! If you trust in God, this is His promise to you: “For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord.” “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11.
In Psalms 31:7 He tells us: “I see your hardships and I care about your suffering.” In the world today there are so few people who care about what happens to others, most are thinking about themselves only and they do not even see the people who are hurting and need a friend, a shoulder, a hand up, a way out of their life choices and they pass by them every day in their travels.

Please watch the video and see that it does not matter what you have been through, what you are going through now, what you cannot seem to get free from, what you cannot overcome and see that others have found an answer to those problems and are free of what kept them from experiencing life as God intended.

Please feel free to share if you would like! I am praying for those who are struggling with bad choices or life circumstances that have you doubting whether God cares – asking that God will show you that life is not hopeless and there is joy in knowing Him! God Bless all who read this.


The Mailbox – by Marybeth Whalen

When Lindsay Adams first vacations in Sunset Beach, North Carolina and visits the Kindred Spirit mailbox on the beach she has no idea that 20 years later she will visit it again pouring out her heart in letters about the best and worst parts of her life.

After her husband leaves her and their two kids she struggles to put her sorrow into words when she returns to Sunset for a vacation. When she visits the mailbox on the beach memories surface of her first love, Campbell Forrester and the rejection she experienced from him. When Campbell comes back into her life, Lindsay must decide whether to trust in love again or guard herself from greater pain. She prays and asks God to show her what to do. She and Campbell are given a second chance, but can they both come to terms with what happened in the past and move beyond it.

The Mailbox is a real landmark on the coast of North Carolina.

This was an enjoyable read and one I would pass on to others. It is a story about forgiving the hurts of the past, having faith to move ahead and the beauty of second chances. This was the first book I had read of Marybeth Whalen’s, but I would enjoy reading this authors future writings.

The Mailbox, by Marybeth Whalen

Angus Buchan’s Ordinary People – DVD

An inspirational true story of one man’s desire to preach the Word of God to the point he would stand in the middle of his maize fields and preach. His true life story inspired the movie “Faith Like Potatoes.”

He started “The Mighty Men’s Conference” on his farm and men came from miles around to hear him speak. This is the story of 3 men who came from different walks in life…one narrowly evades death at gunpoint, one is a hardened auto mechanic who finds himself caught between grief and debt, and a struggling alcoholic yearns to escape his misery. Their paths will cross and they will be forever transformed from attending this meeting. On the last conference held on his farm in 2010, there was 400,000 men and boys in attendance for the meetings and camping experience. His two sons now run the farm fulltime while he runs his Shalom Ministries fulltime now.

What happens to these three men after attending this conference will make an impact on your life as well. Truly a touching movie about a man who had a desire to share God with others and has made an impact on many people’s lives.

Angus Buchan also runs a home called Beth-Hatlaim (House of the Lambs) where 25 orphaned or abandoned children live; founded in 1995. He also has Halalisani Farm School and it is a Christian farm school started from Shalom Ministries and has approximately 200 pupils. He and his wife started Shalom Ministries in 1980 to go out and preach the gospel in South Africa and Africa.

If you have not watched “Faith Like Potatoes” I also encourage you to watch that movie as well. This is a gripping documentary of Angus Buchan and a moving journey of how his faith grows! Two great films!

Angus Buchan's Ordinary People movie

Faith Like Potatoes - DVD

Some photos of The Mighty Men’s Conference and the numbers of men and boys present at these events.

Angus Buchan and the Men's Conference

Angus Buchan's Men's Conference Cross on a hill

Mustard Seed faith photo - Angus Buchan


This is a story based off of true stories about children who were real life campers at Royal Family Kids summer camp.

Eli is a young boy who has been neglected and abused most of his life. His mother dies of a drug overdose and his father beats him, so he is put into the foster care system and he struggles with his emotions and longs for love and a family.

Ken Matthews is an investment advisor and wants to impress a potential new client who happens to have had a part in starting this camp for kids. He decides to become a camp counselor and ends up getting Eli. They do not get along to begin with, but they slowly begin to learn about each others past and begin to trust one another and form a bond and help each other.

This has a happy ending, but I won’t spoil it for you. Truly great to discuss and bring to light the children in the foster care system, what they are struggling with at such a young age and that most of them just want to be loved and cared for by a family who embraces them and welcomes them into their homes.

Our country might wish to tear down the family structure, but there is something powerful about healthy, loving families – kids who have not had a good, solid home life understand what they are missing out on and wish to experience that as well.

Grab a couple of tissues – it has a few spots that might bring a tear to your eyes!

Camp - Movie

Reinventing Rachel…by Alison Strobel

Just finished this book by Alison Strobel and it was very good. It is a story about a woman in her 20’s who discovers her life is falling apart, her mother reveals that they are divorcing after many years of marriage, her fiance has been seeing her roommate behind her back, and she wonders where the God she thought was on her side seems distant and she is so confused. She becomes angry and she walks away from her faith and seeks an old friend who is not a Christian who invites her to Las Vegas for a fun weekend away. Coming home from this trip she decides to move to Chicago and live with her friend Daphne. Upon her arrival she soon finds a job, discovers a man she met in Las Vegas works at the same place she works, and things are going along great…until one day she comes home and her friend lost her job, she is acting different towards Rachel, and Rachel is turning to drinking more and more.

Soon things are falling apart in Chicago and she has no idea what to do – she refuses to return to her faith and belief in God, but yet a small voice is reminding her of her years of belief. She fights the voice and turns to the booze to sooth her and get her through each day and before long she is drinking in the morning before work and before she goes to bed and anytime stressful situations arise.

One day she comes home and discovers her friend has been stealing the checks her mother has been sending her since moving to Chicago and a few weeks before she learned Daphne was not paying all of the utilities, but keeping money to party and do drugs. They get into a fight, it had been raining and they were outside on the steps of their place when her friend slipped and fell down the steps. She dies from injuries she sustained and also from the crystal meth in her system. Rachel doesn’t remember much about that night, but she finds herself in a hospital bed 3 days later and discovers she got very drunk. A social worker talks to her and she admits herself to rehab that day and finds new friends when she gets out, two of them she knew before and they invite her to live with them and help her move. They also are Christians, but they have a new way of viewing God and how He works in their life. Will Rachel finally understand what having a relationship with God is supposed to be like or will she keep running?

I had a difficult time putting this book down – it kept my attention and I understood her struggle and view point of what a relationship with God was to be like. She goes through many twists and turns and did all she could to distance herself, but God pursued her still. A truly inspirational book about loss, about finding God, about having a true relationship with our Creator and that He loves us no matter what we do in our past or present – He longs to have a relationship with us!

Reinventing Rachel, Alison Strobel

Alison’s father is Lee Strobel – he wrote the series of books:
The Cause for Christ,
The Cause for Faith,
The Cause for a Creator.

I listened to them on his DVD series and it was wonderful. He was an atheist and God pursued him until he surrendered his life to Christ! He is an author, former legal editor, pastor, journalist, and teacher.

God’s Country…DVD

I watched another film the other night called God’s Country about a woman who is an attractive and ambitious investment banker who has an assignment that could project her career, but can she convince the owner of 1,000 acres of land to sell out to developers?

Meghan must travel to the Mojave Desert to convince the owner of God’s Country, which is in foreclosure, to sign over his land to her firm. God’s Country is an isolated Christian retreat and the minister who owns the property believes God will come through for them and he tells Meghan the only way he will consider signing is if she spends 6 days at the retreat and comes to understand what their ministry is all about. She reluctantly trades her high heels in for some hiking boots and after a few days begins to see the great value they are offering. She risks her job to try and help them and figures out a way to get them out of foreclosure. She won’t score points with her boss, but she learns that riches cannot always be found in “things.”

An inspiring story of love and faith and discovering that the most valuable things in life are not what you may think they are.

Trailer for God’ Country on YouTube

God's Country movie