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Cardboard Testimonies…

I saw a video the other day and it moved me to share it here.

We all have a story to tell, but often times we do not want others to know about our past. They might not like us or they might sit in judgment of our choices or how we choose to live our lives. But there is not one of us who is perfect and we all make mistakes. In God’s eyes not one of our mistakes or choices is worse than another – although by the world’s standards there seems to be a measuring device where others decide one sin is worse than another, but that is simply not how God views it. Sin is sin, bad choices are bad choices, we all make them in our lives and we all unfortunately live with them and sometimes the weight of them gets very heavy and the burden gets so heavy we cannot carry them anymore. We might think we are not good enough for God and that He might reject us too, but He is not that way!

God has an answer for anything that we struggle with or ails us and we can have a new life if we choose to accept Him into our hearts. He wants to relieve you of the load you carry, He wants to take the weight of your past choices and mistakes and replace them with Him. He does not want you to carry the weight of that any longer, He only wants good things for you.

In 1 Peter 5:7 it states, “Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.” If you feel that no one cares, He does!! If you trust in God, this is His promise to you: “For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord.” “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11.
In Psalms 31:7 He tells us: “I see your hardships and I care about your suffering.” In the world today there are so few people who care about what happens to others, most are thinking about themselves only and they do not even see the people who are hurting and need a friend, a shoulder, a hand up, a way out of their life choices and they pass by them every day in their travels.

Please watch the video and see that it does not matter what you have been through, what you are going through now, what you cannot seem to get free from, what you cannot overcome and see that others have found an answer to those problems and are free of what kept them from experiencing life as God intended.

Please feel free to share if you would like! I am praying for those who are struggling with bad choices or life circumstances that have you doubting whether God cares – asking that God will show you that life is not hopeless and there is joy in knowing Him! God Bless all who read this.


Honoring Mom on Pinterest…

I cannot say it enough, but I LOVE Pinterest! There is a lot of great things to find on there – just about anything you can think of can be found on there and hey guys – it is not just for women or girls!

I was sent an email stating that if I created a board in honor of my mother for Mother’s Day that I would be in the running to win a bouquet of flowers for her, so I took the plunge and decided to do just that. I have asked my siblings to give their two cents worth as well, but yet to hear from them. I had fun creating the new board on my Pinterest site and actually do not really care if I win anything for it – I plan on sharing it with my mother when Mother’s Day gets here. I cannot think of a better way to honor your mother, but by creating a board and sending her the link! It got me remembering all the things I appreciated and loved about my mother and what better time to do that then on the day we let her know her impact on our lives and thank her for the sacrifices she gave to raise us and give us a good home life. A huge thank you to my mother – LOVE YOU MOM!!

Pinterest board I created in honor of my Mother on Mother’s Day!

The Mailbox – by Marybeth Whalen

When Lindsay Adams first vacations in Sunset Beach, North Carolina and visits the Kindred Spirit mailbox on the beach she has no idea that 20 years later she will visit it again pouring out her heart in letters about the best and worst parts of her life.

After her husband leaves her and their two kids she struggles to put her sorrow into words when she returns to Sunset for a vacation. When she visits the mailbox on the beach memories surface of her first love, Campbell Forrester and the rejection she experienced from him. When Campbell comes back into her life, Lindsay must decide whether to trust in love again or guard herself from greater pain. She prays and asks God to show her what to do. She and Campbell are given a second chance, but can they both come to terms with what happened in the past and move beyond it.

The Mailbox is a real landmark on the coast of North Carolina.

This was an enjoyable read and one I would pass on to others. It is a story about forgiving the hurts of the past, having faith to move ahead and the beauty of second chances. This was the first book I had read of Marybeth Whalen’s, but I would enjoy reading this authors future writings.

The Mailbox, by Marybeth Whalen

Amazing Love…The Story of Hosea – DVD

I watched the movie called Amazing Love, The Story of Hosea. This story is about 4 youth who go on a camping trip for 2 days/nights with their youth leader and his wife. Just before they leave another young teen joins them and when her bad attitude and materialistic, self-involved personality causes rifts with the other female teen in the group their youth leader decides he must tell them the love story of Hosea.

The story of Hosea is set to life in this movie using modern day examples with the youth on how Hosea’s love for God was similar to God’s love for His people – meaning all those who believe in Him. Hosea took his vows to his wife seriously and even though she was unfaithful, he bought Gomez back for 15 pieces of silver to let her understand the depth of his love for her and God’s depth of love for us! A truly beautiful story of true, unconditional love!

A great family film to share with loved ones! Also a great tool for sharing God’s love with others who maybe have not given their life to Christ.

Amazing Love movie

God’s Country…DVD

I watched another film the other night called God’s Country about a woman who is an attractive and ambitious investment banker who has an assignment that could project her career, but can she convince the owner of 1,000 acres of land to sell out to developers?

Meghan must travel to the Mojave Desert to convince the owner of God’s Country, which is in foreclosure, to sign over his land to her firm. God’s Country is an isolated Christian retreat and the minister who owns the property believes God will come through for them and he tells Meghan the only way he will consider signing is if she spends 6 days at the retreat and comes to understand what their ministry is all about. She reluctantly trades her high heels in for some hiking boots and after a few days begins to see the great value they are offering. She risks her job to try and help them and figures out a way to get them out of foreclosure. She won’t score points with her boss, but she learns that riches cannot always be found in “things.”

An inspiring story of love and faith and discovering that the most valuable things in life are not what you may think they are.

Trailer for God’ Country on YouTube

God's Country movie

Claim – by Lisa T. Bergren

Back in 1888, the St. Clair siblings head West, sent by their father, to start a new life. Moira has suffered burns and is trying to piece her life back together and questions the love of a man named Daniel who is dealing with demons of his own, but finds that her choice to leave the area proves not to be as it seems for her and the baby she is carrying. For Odessa, her husband Bryce and young son have challenges of their own as they build their ranch and begin to build a new town. Nic, the prodigal son, has traveled to various parts of the world as a fighter, but feels he needs to make some money before he returns to see his sister’s. He searches for peace, but until he finds himself in a town deep in the Rocky Mountains and starts mining an old claim and becomes intrigued by the local schoolteacher and the guardian of a young boy who lost his father to a gunman, he starts to experience the peace he has searched for and the realization that God loves him. But there is one more battle he must fight and will those that he has come to love stand by him or will he lose them?

A beautiful story of times back in the late 1800’s with a little intrigue, humor, romance, and the love of God all wrapped into one book. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone who loves Christian Fiction stories! It is book three in the Homeward Trilogy by Lisa T. Bergren. The first two books in this trilogy are: Breathe and Sing.

Claim - novel by L. T. Bergren

First and second books in the series:
Sing - novel by L. T. Bergren

Breathe - L. T. Bergren novel 1

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope all had a Happy Heart Day today!

I spent most of my day with my two youngest nieces! Their teachers were in a conference all day today, so they did not have school. I picked them up and we first went searching for the perfect expression of our love for those we wanted to treat! We wasted some time at a local big chain store before lunch. We got an emergency call from my sister for a trip back to the flower shop for some flowers for one of her employees, dropped those off and then grabbed lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant. Then the oldest had an appointment for a hair cut and the youngest decided she wanted her hair done also, so she had her’s trimmed and then asked to have it braided. Looked very pretty when done and she loved it!

We went back to my place and we worked the rest of the afternoon before their Mom came and picked them up – we made 5 trays of scented/colored soap molds. I can still smell multiple scents on my hands! We had fun and they wondered when they could come again and do some more. I have a few other projects they can do when they can come again, as well as making more soap. We hope to try our hand at bath fizzies, scented bath salts, and trying our hand at lip balm again. We may even try making some sugar scrubs. We have made soap before and they turned out nice and we sold all of them at my sister’s consignment store! We made some hand sanitizer as well and will be selling that as well.

I go through withdrawl symptoms when I do not see my nieces – they have had a lot of issues with illness this year and so we have not spent a lot of time together like we usually do – it did my heart good today to spend the day with them and made my Valentine’s Day special.

How did you spend your day?