Food Addictions – is this why America is obese?

I wanted to share an article I read today from a doctor I have been following and I truly believe this is true! I believe the food industry is allowed to put whatever they wish to preserve the shelf life of the processed and pre-packaged foods on our grocery shelves and do not need to share what they are using or at restaurants and the foods they create – what are they using that could be making American’s fatter or craving foods! Yet many blame this on the consumer – is it their fault if they do not know what is in the food and why they are craving it – is it like a heroin addiction or cigarette smoking? I do believe it has addictive tendencies – there is something they are putting into these foods that I believe is making Americans fatter and possibly causing them to have health issues – how do we not know that these things could not possibly be causing cancer in ones body or other diseases to rule their ugly heads. I sometimes think we are guinea pigs and they are experimenting on us! I don’t know about you, but it makes me angry! Please read the article below and feel free to comment – I would enjoy hearing anyone’s thoughts on this!

Food Addiction – could this be why 70% of Americans are obese?


3 thoughts on “Food Addictions – is this why America is obese?

  1. it’s funny- i was just watching a TED talks segment about the addictive qualities of the processed food sold in supermarkets. sugar naturally triggers a high release of dopamine, which the mind recognizes as a reward. over time, we begin craving the feeling that dopamine gives us more and more, so we keep eating processed, sugary foods. that’s why it’s so important to eat natural, organic foods as much as possible!

    • I have been learning this in the last year or so – I had no idea before that it was causing cravings. I know some people cannot afford organic foods and I read an article the other day about there is a question whether the crops they state are grown organically are truly organic. I do believe though as long as we eat a balanced diet and we do eat more fruits and veggies with less fattening foods we will be far better off!

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