Do You Believe?

I just had the pleasure of watching “Do You Believe?” on DVD and thoroughly enjoyed it. This movie touches on many lives during the course of the movie and many in different situations and from different walks of life and all of them are wanting MORE. A multitude of things begin to happen in the lives of 12 people and eventually their lives will intersect during the movie and each one of their lives are touched by the cross after a pastor of a church is rocked to the core by the visible faith of a street-corner preacher. The power in the cross of Christ is stronger than any of them thought, but one by one each of them come to the realization that there is a God who loves them.

What does the cross mean to you? Is it just a piece of wood or have you experienced the power in the cross?

There was a gal in my sister’s store one day last week who was looking at purses on display and she came across one that had a cross on the side of it. She made a comment to me that kind of surprised me, but I listened to what she had to say – “I do not understand the cross – why would anyone want to carry one on their purse or around their neck or in your car when the cross is what killed Jesus?” I replied to her that the cross is a symbol of what Jesus did for us on the cross and that the cross was not who killed him, but all of us who have sinned. She was so stuck on the symbol of a cross being an evil thing that she could not see the gift that Christ gave while dying on the cross. I was not able to convince her otherwise and she left the store. I pray for her daily that she will come to know what Christ sacrificed for her and that there is beauty and love in the cross – it is not an evil thing, it is only an instrument used and because Christ does not hang on that cross anymore, it means Jesus is alive. In no other religion has any god ever died for their followers and rose again!

Are you struggling in your life today, are you searching for something MORE? There is power in the CROSS! If you would like to give your heart and life to Jesus, please pray and thank Him for dying on a cross for your sins, ask him to forgive your sins and ask Him to come into your heart to live. Let him know you love Him and appreciate what he did for you and ask Him to help you grow in your faith with Him and then watch Him work in your life as you begin a new journey! I am praying for God’s hand in each persons life who reads this and may He work in your life and bless you!

If you have not seen this movie – it is a good wholesome film that is a must to see!

Do You Believe picture


Book of Ruth – DVD

I have always loved the story of Ruth in the Bible and this movie was beautifully made that tells the story!

It is a Biblical Cinderella story from the royal Jewish bloodline, a story that reveals the redemption of their inheritance through the child Obed, who was the grandfather of King David.

Ruth’s husband dies and she decides to leave her homeland of Moab and travel to Israel with her mother-in-law Naomi. Upon their arrival in Bethlehem, Ruth goes into the fields of Boaz to glean. Boaz learns that her deceased husband was a distant relative of his. He treated Ruth with kindness and instructs his farm workers to leave extra sheaves of barley for her to gather. Eventually Boaz and Ruth marry, of which Boaz is of the Royal House of Judah. It sets the stage for future kings of the nation of Israel and eventually the coming of the Messiah.

Truly a beautiful love story right out of the book of Ruth in the Bible. A movie the whole family can enjoy and also learn of the lineage of King David!

Book of Ruth - DVD

Angus Buchan’s Ordinary People – DVD

An inspirational true story of one man’s desire to preach the Word of God to the point he would stand in the middle of his maize fields and preach. His true life story inspired the movie “Faith Like Potatoes.”

He started “The Mighty Men’s Conference” on his farm and men came from miles around to hear him speak. This is the story of 3 men who came from different walks in life…one narrowly evades death at gunpoint, one is a hardened auto mechanic who finds himself caught between grief and debt, and a struggling alcoholic yearns to escape his misery. Their paths will cross and they will be forever transformed from attending this meeting. On the last conference held on his farm in 2010, there was 400,000 men and boys in attendance for the meetings and camping experience. His two sons now run the farm fulltime while he runs his Shalom Ministries fulltime now.

What happens to these three men after attending this conference will make an impact on your life as well. Truly a touching movie about a man who had a desire to share God with others and has made an impact on many people’s lives.

Angus Buchan also runs a home called Beth-Hatlaim (House of the Lambs) where 25 orphaned or abandoned children live; founded in 1995. He also has Halalisani Farm School and it is a Christian farm school started from Shalom Ministries and has approximately 200 pupils. He and his wife started Shalom Ministries in 1980 to go out and preach the gospel in South Africa and Africa.

If you have not watched “Faith Like Potatoes” I also encourage you to watch that movie as well. This is a gripping documentary of Angus Buchan and a moving journey of how his faith grows! Two great films!

Angus Buchan's Ordinary People movie

Faith Like Potatoes - DVD

Some photos of The Mighty Men’s Conference and the numbers of men and boys present at these events.

Angus Buchan and the Men's Conference

Angus Buchan's Men's Conference Cross on a hill

Mustard Seed faith photo - Angus Buchan

The Woodcarver – DVD

This is an inspirational movie and one I enjoyed a lot. A young man is angry with his parents over their divorce and he vandalizes a church out of anger. He is found to be the one who did the crime and his sentence is to repaint the church and help the gentleman who created the beautiful woodwork repair all of that as well.

At first the teen is not wishing to be there, but things at home are not good and soon he asks the man he is helping with repairs if he can stay at his house. The woodcarver agrees and they begin to bond and the young man begins to learn of God’s love. The woodcarver also has issues with losing his wife. Can they help each other to bring healing to their brokenness? Can a family be repaired and a marriage saved?

A beautiful movie about the love of God, relationships repaired, and how others can help us find healing. A great movie for the whole family and some great lessons learned!

The Woodcarver movie

Amazing Love…The Story of Hosea – DVD

I watched the movie called Amazing Love, The Story of Hosea. This story is about 4 youth who go on a camping trip for 2 days/nights with their youth leader and his wife. Just before they leave another young teen joins them and when her bad attitude and materialistic, self-involved personality causes rifts with the other female teen in the group their youth leader decides he must tell them the love story of Hosea.

The story of Hosea is set to life in this movie using modern day examples with the youth on how Hosea’s love for God was similar to God’s love for His people – meaning all those who believe in Him. Hosea took his vows to his wife seriously and even though she was unfaithful, he bought Gomez back for 15 pieces of silver to let her understand the depth of his love for her and God’s depth of love for us! A truly beautiful story of true, unconditional love!

A great family film to share with loved ones! Also a great tool for sharing God’s love with others who maybe have not given their life to Christ.

Amazing Love movie

Last Ounce of Courage…DVD

The other evening I watched the movie called “Last Ounce of Courage.” It is a story of a father who was a war hero in his time and who sees his own son off to war. His new wife gives birth to their baby boy, however, tragedy ensues on a cruel battlefield and he is brought home to Mount Columbus, nestled in the Rocky Mountains and laid to rest. Fourteen years pass and his son, now a teenager and his mother return to Mount Columbus during the holiday season to be with family. There is a disconnect between grandfather and grandson as they deal with the pain and loss of a father and son. This is a beautiful story of love and forgiveness and how a family works to reunite and work together to make a difference in their community reclaiming their freedom of expression and taking a stand on those things that we Americans hold dear in this country. It is a powerful story of standing up for what you believe in no matter the cost and that freedoms are not free – they were paid for with the blood and sacrifice of men and women in our country who have gone and fought for them.

A truly inspiring story with examples of how our freedoms are slowly and gradually eking away from us and the courage to make a stand to fight for those freedoms. A movie steeped with patriotism and American ideals! A must see film that will hopefully inspire you!

Last Ounce of Courage movie

Loving The Bad Man…DVD

This movie can be watched on Amazon if you have a Prime Membership. I watched it in DVD format.

This is a story of a young, conservative Christian woman who is tested and gives birth to a baby boy conceived in rape.

This decision leads her to redefine her relationship with God, her family and friends and she boldly starts a relationship with the man who raped her, visiting him in prison. Her father kicks her out of the house when he finds out, but she continues to pursue this unlikely relationship behind prison bars. She wants to let him know she forgives him and wants him to meet his child. She shares her faith with him and he soon finds peace in God’s Word.

Someone who has a score to settle on the inside gets someone to promise to kill this man’s baby and female victim, but other inmates let him know who ordered it and what is going to happen and he goes to the prison inmate who can change the ordered hit for this forgiving young woman and their baby. What will the cost be to him and will they stop the hit in time? Will her father reconcile with her and welcome them back in?

I have read articles of young Christian women who were raped and refused to abort the child or give it up for adoption. It is not the child’s fault. They are a gift from God and I applaud these women for refusing to kill their babies because of how they were conceived. Many of these children grow up and make a difference in our world today!

Cast is: Christine Kelly, Stephen Baldwin, and Antoni Carone.

Loving The Bad Man - movie