USA Women’s Hockey gets Silver in Olympic finals

Since the winter Olympics started I have wanted to watch a hockey game between the US and another team. I finally got that opportunity today and just finished watching the USA women’s hockey team. Sadly they were beat out by the Canada team due to some penalties that decreased the USA’s team down to 3 in overtime. They were pretty broken up and had a difficult time not being emotional.

USA did win Silver and honestly they have nothing to be ashamed of – they battled hard against Canada and they worked hard to keep those pucks from their rivals. They scored two goals before Canada had a chance to score 2 and it came down to a tie match and they went into overtime to see who would win gold. I understand their disappointment to be so close and yet lose.

I am proud of the USA Women’s Hockey Team – great, close game you played with your powerful defense and quick action. Sometimes the outcome of a game makes no sense and unfortunate things happen, but you still went home with a medal. Thanks for your hard work, athletic abilities and playing with your hearts and giving it your all – America cannot ask for more! GO USA!

Sochi 2014