Weather in the Midwest…

We are so water logged here in the Midwest! We got more rain this weekend and a number of showers today. I was coming home from a town about 20 miles from my home and it was questionable if I was going to make it to town – there was quite a lot of lightening and one bolt struck a few feet in front of my car and also one time behind my car on the highway I was traveling on. It was basically on all sides of the vehicle. Some were a distance from me and others were too close for comfort. Needless to say, I prayed all the way to town and thankfully God got me there safely.

Early this spring our river had sandbars showing to the point where people could drive a vehicle out onto them and fish from them. With all the rain we have been getting, our flooding here in town has gone down, but the river is running high just slightly inside of its banks (Little Sioux River). If we get many more days of showers like this it will be back out of its banks. Places in Minnesota are having a tough time with flooding and northeast Nebraska suffered another tornado this morning in Pierce county, a few miles from where the last few have hit. Many of our gravel roads have been washed away and the county has been working overtime repairing them. A few smaller bridges have been washed out and are being repaired as well. Many of us are praying God sends some rain to California and other states in dire need of rain. If only one could ship some where it is needed!

The mosquitos are bad this year and not much on the market for bug repellant works. I did create my own a couple of years ago (Bug-Off Cologne) and it works pretty good, but I need to apply it often, especially on a hot day. I have been using that a lot this year with mowing, gardening, and tending to other outdoor chores. I have sold a few at my sister’s store this summer – some people have come back for more so it must be working for them as well.

We are in for some cooler days for the next week and many of us are looking forward to that, but another round of storms comes in tomorrow and then the weekend there is another round of showers from Friday evening through Sunday morning. They are reporting that in the last 2 months we have had well over our usual rainfall for this time of the year and that is obvious as you drive around the area.

They are repaving the main highway a mile from us to town – Hwy 59 and so they have a portion of that road blocked off as they get part of it completed. Then another contractor is working on another road just a mile from Hwy 59 where there was a bridge that needed to be replaced, so one cannot get into town from that direction, and then there is another main highway (Hwy 3) that comes into the other end of our town that is closed off and being repaved, so when the river was over its banks at crest we had no way to get into town from where we live without having to drive many miles out of the way to get there. Once they have the bridge on the road that is a mile from Hwy 59 fixed, then the last 4 miles of the road work will be completed on Hwy 59 in September. It has been a challenge this year between the weather and road work getting around to where you need to go. Certainly has made life interesting and not dull! 🙂


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