Gardening and lawn work…

I finally got the lawn mowed for the first time. I took extra time to work on it because the grass had gotten so long. I first went out on the coldest day of spring dressed in more winter like wear and only got half of it done because it was too cold to finish it, as it takes about 3 hours to mow all of the grass. Then 2 days later after rain showers passed I was able to complete the other half on Saturday after getting home from work. Looks like a hay field in spots, but I hope to get back out there earlier from now on. I enjoy mowing on a riding mower – the time you have to think, meditate, and pray is great and it is relaxing also.

I love to get my hands in the dirt and dig. There is just something about working in dirt that is very therapeutic and also relaxing. I ran to town to get the last of the plants I needed to get the garden put in. There is such a short window before we get rain again, so I needed to get it done this past Sunday afternoon. We have had such a late start this year with the weather being so cold. We did have frost a little over a week ago, so I pray that is past us now and I will not have to cover these plants.

It was an eventful experience planting the garden this year because of the strong wind we had that day. Some of the seeds I was trying to plant went flying because of wind gusts – I may end up finding carrots and radishes in other parts of the garden – it should be interesting! I had to plant onions by seed this year because no one had the small onion bulbs, so this is a new experience for me and I am praying they bloom with ease!

My whole family loves Tomatoes – we love to have BLT’s in the summer months. I know some people use tomato cages around the plants, but I was thinking of staking them and somehow having them wrap around a pole, as I am using a limited space in the container I am planting them in. If anyone has any suggestions on how to do this, please send me a message!

I planted green beans for the first time in a container this year and so we will see how they fair. I also got some flowers planted in some cute pots I picked up at my sister’s consignment store. I watered everything thoroughly with Miracle Grow mixture. I went and picked asparagus for my folks who are not able to bend down and get them anymore. I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon and got dirty between the wind blowing water and dirt onto my clothes to my dog having taken a dip in her large water bowl and then wanting my attention by jumping up on me with her muddy paws. I wish the day had not ended – I could have kept going. I love seeing the things you plant bloom and produce what they are meant to. The fact a small seed can grow into what it does is a miracle sent by God!!

Here is a picture of my dog, she is a pure bred miniature American Eskimo and she loves attention. She would have been helping me if I had let her! Her name is Zoi (zoey). She has a very heavy, beautiful coat that we have shaved off of her in the hot summer months and by fall she is getting her thick coat back. She is a sweet dog!
American_Eskimo_Dog_happy face

What are you growing in your gardens this year?

What is your favorite garden produce in the summer time?

Please feel free to share!


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