Under the Cajun Moon, by Mindy Starns Clark

Under the Cajun Moon, by Minday Starns Clark

New Orleans may be known as the “Big Easy,” but none of it was easy for Chole Ledet, international business etiquette expert. She left New Orleans, her parents, and their famous French Quarter restaurant behind. She learns that her father has been shot and she rushes back home to be by his side and handle his affairs. She soon finds herself being charged with murdering her father’s lawyer, his best friend, but she learns of long hidden secrets that changes all she knew to be true about her and her family and is not sure she can trust anyone.

A person from her past helps lead her on a search for priceless treasure that is part of the roots of Louisiana, but can she trust him or will this only put her in greater danger? Can she learn to lean on God or will this drive her further away from His love and grace?

This story keeps you guessing to the end about who is behind the murders and disappearances of people dear to her family. It has history all the way from France to the first settlers on American soil. A full, enjoyable read and loved how it kept me wondering who was behind it all until the last 3-4 chapters of the book. It was difficult to leave this book lie until I had time to come back to it. If you like mysteries, you would enjoy this book!


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