Crocheted coasters…

I just completed my third set of these coasters and wanted to share this project with those interested in crocheting or knitting.

I used the Peaches and Cream yarn that can be found at most stores that carry yarn – I got mine at WalMart. One skein was all I needed to make these 4 – might be able to get 6 out of one skein, but I did not try that. This calls for 1/2 inch wooden pony beads as well. I used the I-9 US crochet hook.

I chained 15 and then started SC in the second chain from hook and SC to the end. Continue to SC each row until the coaster measures 3 1/2 inches from beginning row. If you want it wider up to 4 inches, just add more stitches before continuing to the second row. Cast off and weave the ends into the back of the coaster. For the corner tassels I used 3 strands (you could use 2) and threaded them through the corners of the coaster and then through the pony beads. Knot ends close to the bead and trim the tassel ends so they are even.

Makes a perfect gift!

Picture 003


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