Thankful for answered prayer…

Well, I am happy to say that my father is improving each day and is able to do more for himself and my dog is back to her happy, active self! God has answered prayers on both levels and things have gotten somewhat back to normal. I apologize if people have sent me emails and I have not returned them. I am working my way through the multiple emails I have received in the last couple of weeks and answering them as I come to them. I will get in touch as soon as I can and just asking for your patience.

It is starting to feel more like Spring here in Iowa, but I see next week it is to be chilly again, as it was here this past Wednesday with high winds. Tomorrow it is to be mid 70’s with winds of 5 MPH and I am thinking I would like to be out digging in the dirt a little if the ground is not to wet from the little bit of rain we got last evening. The wind has been blowing the last 2 days quite hard, so it may be dry by tomorrow afternoon.

There is something therapeutic about digging in the dirt! I find it relaxes me and I enjoy it! I like to pray or think on things while I am digging in the dirt and I do not take my cell phone with me – people can leave a message and I will get back to them – it is just a time to unwind and become one with nature! Soon it will be time to start mowing also and I find that is a good time to pray or think on things and work out issues. The grass is now starting to turn a pretty lush green and will likely need to be mowed soon with all the rain chances they state we are to get in the next few days. I can hear the birds singing cheerfully outside my window as I write this – always a perfect sign Spring has arrived. The robins are plentiful and busy checking the yard for worms. I must say that Spring in my most favorite season of the year because everything is fresh and new.

Easter came late this year, my family had a noon meal on Sunday of Scalloped potatoes and ham with a lot of other goodies – always more than enough food and all of it good! We had great fellowship and enjoyed visiting afterward catching up on what everyone has been up to. I hope and pray you all had a beautiful Easter and that you enjoyed celebrating the real reason for the season – the death and resurrection of Jesus, the Messiah.

I am still seeking full-time work and ask for pray about this. I have never had such a difficult time finding work in my area, but there just has not been much out there to apply for. I know God can move mountains and answer prayers that seem hopeless, like the job market presently looks now, I have seen it happen more times than not, so I am trusting there will be something come open soon, but would appreciate anyone who can lift a prayer for me in regards to this. My unemployment will be ending soon and I am trusting God will answer before that runs out. Thank you to those who lift my situation up – may God bless you!

Thank you to all of the new followers – I hope to be more plugged into my blog now that things have quieted down here some and I welcome you!

I will close and hope to post more soon!



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