The Woodcarver – DVD

This is an inspirational movie and one I enjoyed a lot. A young man is angry with his parents over their divorce and he vandalizes a church out of anger. He is found to be the one who did the crime and his sentence is to repaint the church and help the gentleman who created the beautiful woodwork repair all of that as well.

At first the teen is not wishing to be there, but things at home are not good and soon he asks the man he is helping with repairs if he can stay at his house. The woodcarver agrees and they begin to bond and the young man begins to learn of God’s love. The woodcarver also has issues with losing his wife. Can they help each other to bring healing to their brokenness? Can a family be repaired and a marriage saved?

A beautiful movie about the love of God, relationships repaired, and how others can help us find healing. A great movie for the whole family and some great lessons learned!

The Woodcarver movie


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