Angus Buchan’s Ordinary People – DVD

An inspirational true story of one man’s desire to preach the Word of God to the point he would stand in the middle of his maize fields and preach. His true life story inspired the movie “Faith Like Potatoes.”

He started “The Mighty Men’s Conference” on his farm and men came from miles around to hear him speak. This is the story of 3 men who came from different walks in life…one narrowly evades death at gunpoint, one is a hardened auto mechanic who finds himself caught between grief and debt, and a struggling alcoholic yearns to escape his misery. Their paths will cross and they will be forever transformed from attending this meeting. On the last conference held on his farm in 2010, there was 400,000 men and boys in attendance for the meetings and camping experience. His two sons now run the farm fulltime while he runs his Shalom Ministries fulltime now.

What happens to these three men after attending this conference will make an impact on your life as well. Truly a touching movie about a man who had a desire to share God with others and has made an impact on many people’s lives.

Angus Buchan also runs a home called Beth-Hatlaim (House of the Lambs) where 25 orphaned or abandoned children live; founded in 1995. He also has Halalisani Farm School and it is a Christian farm school started from Shalom Ministries and has approximately 200 pupils. He and his wife started Shalom Ministries in 1980 to go out and preach the gospel in South Africa and Africa.

If you have not watched “Faith Like Potatoes” I also encourage you to watch that movie as well. This is a gripping documentary of Angus Buchan and a moving journey of how his faith grows! Two great films!

Angus Buchan's Ordinary People movie

Faith Like Potatoes - DVD

Some photos of The Mighty Men’s Conference and the numbers of men and boys present at these events.

Angus Buchan and the Men's Conference

Angus Buchan's Men's Conference Cross on a hill

Mustard Seed faith photo - Angus Buchan


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