I apologize for posting this like this – I tried to post it as a widget at the side of my page, but WordPress would not accept the widget from Avon. So I will only post this once.

I became a representative about a month ago and I really do not like to solicit – but wanted to get the word out that if anyone likes Avon and does not have a rep – please check out my webpage.

You do not have to live in the same neighborhood anymore with Avon, they have finally gotten up to speed with the 21st century. You can order anything from my webpage and view each bi-weekly brochure. You can order 2 campaigns back, so if you see a lot of things you want to order, but do not have the funds – you can back order the items on the next two orders. No representative will be calling you or surprising you at your doorstep – shop at your leisure – no deadlines to have your order in by – order at any time and receive your order promptly to your doorstep via the postal or UPS service. Order over a certain amount and receive your items with free shipping.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. There is a picture of me on the webpage above, in case you are wondering if I am real and you can contact me through that site, as well as here. Avon has so much more than makeup and jewelry – they have things for kids and men as well.

If you do sign up, I would enjoy hearing from you and how your experience with ordering online went!

Thank you!



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