Amazing Love…The Story of Hosea – DVD

I watched the movie called Amazing Love, The Story of Hosea. This story is about 4 youth who go on a camping trip for 2 days/nights with their youth leader and his wife. Just before they leave another young teen joins them and when her bad attitude and materialistic, self-involved personality causes rifts with the other female teen in the group their youth leader decides he must tell them the love story of Hosea.

The story of Hosea is set to life in this movie using modern day examples with the youth on how Hosea’s love for God was similar to God’s love for His people – meaning all those who believe in Him. Hosea took his vows to his wife seriously and even though she was unfaithful, he bought Gomez back for 15 pieces of silver to let her understand the depth of his love for her and God’s depth of love for us! A truly beautiful story of true, unconditional love!

A great family film to share with loved ones! Also a great tool for sharing God’s love with others who maybe have not given their life to Christ.

Amazing Love movie


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