Things to check out in Iowa…

These first pictures are of 2 water towers in Stanton, Iowa, a community of 700 pop located in the S.W. part of Iowa about 7 miles east of Redoak, Iowa. Stanton is known for its Swedish Heritage with their Swedish themed water towers and the home of the Swedish Heritage and Cultural Center, and is the birthplace of Virginia Christine, who played Mrs. Olsen in the Folgers Coffee commercials. Four miles from Stanton is the popular Viking Lake State Park, a 137-acre lake with camping, fishing, boating, swimming, trail walks, playground for kids, and 3 shelters that can be rented by reservation.

There are two water towers in the town of Stanton – one is of the coffee pot and the other of a coffee cup. The third photo is of the Swedish Heritage and Cultural Center located in Stanton, Iowa.

Stanton, Iowa Swedish Coffeepot Water tower

Stanton, Iowa Swedish Coffee Cup water tower

Stanton, Iowa Swedish Heritage and Cultural Center

And here are some Viking Lake State Park photos to check out.

Viking State Park 1

Viking Lake State Park 2

Viking Lake State Park 3

Viking Lake State Park restaurant

Another great attraction in Iowa is the Boone And Scenic Valley Railroad and Museum located in Boone, Iowa in about the center of the state. They have a population of about 26,000. The railroad was started in 1983 primarily by a group of volunteers who wanted to preserve a scenic section of the Fort Dodge, Des Moines, and Southern Railroad. The stretch of track through the Des Moines River valley includes a beautiful high bridge and it runs approximately twelve miles from Boone through the small town of Fraser and then ends at the site of the former town of Wolf. The railroad owns numerous locomotives and dozens of cars. The railroad also runs a short Trolley ride. They have a basic excursion with no air-conditioning that travels from Boone to Iowa’s coal mining town of Fraser and return in a 1920’s era coach cars, a caboose, or an open-air car. The trip is approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes in length. You can choose their Dinner Train where you can experience elegant dining on the rails with a full-course meal and 2 hours and 15 minutes of time spent on the train. They also have a Dessert Train where you will be treated to dessert and 2 hours of time on the train and their picnic train where you provide your own meal and you ride in the same cars that they Dinner and Dessert trains take.

I have heard this is a beautiful excursion in the fall when the leaves are turning, but I have seen photos of anytime from May until October when there are beautiful views from these train cars and from the high bridge you cross. Something the whole family can enjoy doing and experiencing what it was like to ride the rails!
Please enjoy these photos:

Boone Scenic Valley Railroad

Boone Scenic Valley Railroad 2

For more information and making a reservation please check out the site below:
Boone and Scenic Valley Railroad and Museum link…

Ledges State Park is also an attraction in Boone, Iowa. Have included 2 photos of this area:
Ledges State Park, Iowa

Ledges State Park, Boone, Iowa


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