Last Ounce of Courage…DVD

The other evening I watched the movie called “Last Ounce of Courage.” It is a story of a father who was a war hero in his time and who sees his own son off to war. His new wife gives birth to their baby boy, however, tragedy ensues on a cruel battlefield and he is brought home to Mount Columbus, nestled in the Rocky Mountains and laid to rest. Fourteen years pass and his son, now a teenager and his mother return to Mount Columbus during the holiday season to be with family. There is a disconnect between grandfather and grandson as they deal with the pain and loss of a father and son. This is a beautiful story of love and forgiveness and how a family works to reunite and work together to make a difference in their community reclaiming their freedom of expression and taking a stand on those things that we Americans hold dear in this country. It is a powerful story of standing up for what you believe in no matter the cost and that freedoms are not free – they were paid for with the blood and sacrifice of men and women in our country who have gone and fought for them.

A truly inspiring story with examples of how our freedoms are slowly and gradually eking away from us and the courage to make a stand to fight for those freedoms. A movie steeped with patriotism and American ideals! A must see film that will hopefully inspire you!

Last Ounce of Courage movie


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