Reinventing Rachel…by Alison Strobel

Just finished this book by Alison Strobel and it was very good. It is a story about a woman in her 20’s who discovers her life is falling apart, her mother reveals that they are divorcing after many years of marriage, her fiance has been seeing her roommate behind her back, and she wonders where the God she thought was on her side seems distant and she is so confused. She becomes angry and she walks away from her faith and seeks an old friend who is not a Christian who invites her to Las Vegas for a fun weekend away. Coming home from this trip she decides to move to Chicago and live with her friend Daphne. Upon her arrival she soon finds a job, discovers a man she met in Las Vegas works at the same place she works, and things are going along great…until one day she comes home and her friend lost her job, she is acting different towards Rachel, and Rachel is turning to drinking more and more.

Soon things are falling apart in Chicago and she has no idea what to do – she refuses to return to her faith and belief in God, but yet a small voice is reminding her of her years of belief. She fights the voice and turns to the booze to sooth her and get her through each day and before long she is drinking in the morning before work and before she goes to bed and anytime stressful situations arise.

One day she comes home and discovers her friend has been stealing the checks her mother has been sending her since moving to Chicago and a few weeks before she learned Daphne was not paying all of the utilities, but keeping money to party and do drugs. They get into a fight, it had been raining and they were outside on the steps of their place when her friend slipped and fell down the steps. She dies from injuries she sustained and also from the crystal meth in her system. Rachel doesn’t remember much about that night, but she finds herself in a hospital bed 3 days later and discovers she got very drunk. A social worker talks to her and she admits herself to rehab that day and finds new friends when she gets out, two of them she knew before and they invite her to live with them and help her move. They also are Christians, but they have a new way of viewing God and how He works in their life. Will Rachel finally understand what having a relationship with God is supposed to be like or will she keep running?

I had a difficult time putting this book down – it kept my attention and I understood her struggle and view point of what a relationship with God was to be like. She goes through many twists and turns and did all she could to distance herself, but God pursued her still. A truly inspirational book about loss, about finding God, about having a true relationship with our Creator and that He loves us no matter what we do in our past or present – He longs to have a relationship with us!

Reinventing Rachel, Alison Strobel

Alison’s father is Lee Strobel – he wrote the series of books:
The Cause for Christ,
The Cause for Faith,
The Cause for a Creator.

I listened to them on his DVD series and it was wonderful. He was an atheist and God pursued him until he surrendered his life to Christ! He is an author, former legal editor, pastor, journalist, and teacher.


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