Loving The Bad Man…DVD

This movie can be watched on Amazon if you have a Prime Membership. I watched it in DVD format.

This is a story of a young, conservative Christian woman who is tested and gives birth to a baby boy conceived in rape.

This decision leads her to redefine her relationship with God, her family and friends and she boldly starts a relationship with the man who raped her, visiting him in prison. Her father kicks her out of the house when he finds out, but she continues to pursue this unlikely relationship behind prison bars. She wants to let him know she forgives him and wants him to meet his child. She shares her faith with him and he soon finds peace in God’s Word.

Someone who has a score to settle on the inside gets someone to promise to kill this man’s baby and female victim, but other inmates let him know who ordered it and what is going to happen and he goes to the prison inmate who can change the ordered hit for this forgiving young woman and their baby. What will the cost be to him and will they stop the hit in time? Will her father reconcile with her and welcome them back in?

I have read articles of young Christian women who were raped and refused to abort the child or give it up for adoption. It is not the child’s fault. They are a gift from God and I applaud these women for refusing to kill their babies because of how they were conceived. Many of these children grow up and make a difference in our world today!

Cast is: Christine Kelly, Stephen Baldwin, and Antoni Carone.

Loving The Bad Man - movie


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