A Haunting in Washta – the coldest spot in Iowa…

Well, I had never heard this story, but my sister’s mother-in-law posted this on her Facebook page since she is from this area as well as my mother’s side of the family and we had no idea there was a scandal with a family name from our past. This was kind of a shock, but some information about a place in Iowa only known for The Coldest Spot in Iowa!

The Montagne name is my mother’s, mother’s maiden name. My mother did not know of George Montagne, Jr’s name being the same as his father, but George Montagne, Jr would have been one of her mother’s uncles. I do wonder now if my grandmother ever knew about this murder/scandal on her side of the family. The graveyard was only a mile or so from where my mother grew up. My mother never knew of this either – when I read this article to her, she was surprised to learn of this and the connection it had to her family. She states, “no one ever shared that and probably for a good reason!” It just goes to prove that no one knows what skeletons are hanging around in those lives of past relatives long before you came along. Here is that article:
A Haunting in Washta…

Washta is only a few miles from where I live. As I stated above, it is said to be the “coldest spot in Iowa,” as back in 1912 in January the temp reached -47. Here is a video of some of the people in Washta who were interviewed by the Des Moines Register this past January on that very topic:
Washta…The Coldest Spot in Iowa…

Washta - The Coldest Spot in Iowa


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