The Snow and Cold…Enough Already!

We had 3 beautiful days of 40-50 degree weather the first part of this week. Yesterday especially was simply wonderful and encouraging!

We have had such bitter cold weather here in Iowa this winter – usually we have lots of snow to go with that, but this year in N.W. Iowa we have had little snow. Other places in Iowa have been hit worse with snow. The wind has been a factor all except for about 4 days this whole winter and today is no exception. When I awoke this morning we were starting to get some sleet and now it has turned over to snow and the wind has picked up some now. I just canceled two appointments I had 30 miles from home and am thinking of curling up with a good book or watching a good movie!

The older I get the less I enjoy winter and would rather not be out driving in it or having to deal with the slushy mess. I envy bears who hibernate the majority of winter in their dens. I have always envisioned what that would be like and then having supplies dropped to me from a helicopter and only having to get out to retrieve them into my warm home – hey a woman can dream!

I truly feel for the people living on the East coast and down South this year, they have definitely been receiving record amounts of snow and nasty weather conditions. I know in past years here in Iowa we have had large amounts of snowfall and icy conditions to the point you wonder if it will ever stop and give you a break, as I am sure they are wondering. I am praying for all those who are enduring these types of conditions this year!

I long for Spring every winter and it does not get here fast enough for me – nothing like wishing one’s life away! Spring is my favorite season and it is invigorating with the return of warmer temps, green grass, blooming trees and flowers, and the birds singing – the lovely sights and sounds of the season!! I have an extra bounce to my step and love that I can shed the winter layers.

I wrote a poem a few years ago and thought since Spring is right around the corner that I would share it today.

A New Beginning

As winter departs its seasonal scene,
Springtime is dawning a fresh new start
As it enters on a robin’s wings
It seems to bring joy to every heart.

With raindrops falling softly,
On the gardens, fields, and grass
New growth brings quickly
Fresh green seedlings ‘alas.

For all of nature is bursting with zest –
What a beautiful new beginning
As the flowers and plants put forth their best,
A choir of birds can be heard singing.

For God above has promised all,
New Life He will give –
To nature and to those He’s called,
A vibrant new life to live!

Copyright 1986 – Lori Lochner




2 thoughts on “The Snow and Cold…Enough Already!

    • Thanks AnnMarie – I have not written much in the way of poetry, life got in the way of that, but always hope to find more time to do more of that.

      Thank you for your kind words! Blessings to you!

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