This is an inspirational family story of loss, redemption, forgiveness, healing, salvation, and living life to the fullest with the days we are given on earth.

Dr. Miller has a patient named Johnny who is a foster child with leukemia. He is referred by Dr. Miller to Dr. Drew Carter, an oncologist for further work up. Johnny shares with Dr. Carter that he is convinced he is on earth for a special mission, but he is not sure what it is.

Dr. Carter’s family is broken since the death of his young son in a car accident while his wife was driving him to practice. Mrs. Carter is numb with grief and guilt and shuts herself away from her daughter and husband. Dr. Carter learns that Johnny is hoping to have a real family before he dies. He decides to give Johnny a home, despite his wife’s protests over bringing a dying boy into their home while they are still grieving their loss.

While Dr. Carter is away on a men’s retreat, Johnny is bonding with Dr. Carter’s daughter Kayla, but Mrs. Carter cannot stand the thought I having to care for a boy who is ill and dying, so she calls Johnny’s case worker and has her come pick him up and return him to the center where he came from.

Mrs. Carter has a change of heart when she hears that Johnny is hospitalized and has gotten worse. She goes to see him and Johnny shares that God has forgiven her for what happened that fateful day when her son died. She then decides to bring Johnny back home so he does not have to die in a hospital. Johnny may not be aware of what his mission was, but through his sharing of his faith and expressing God’s love and forgiveness a family comes together and finds peace with their loss and themselves.

I doubt you will be able to get through this movie without shedding a tear – it is profoundly moving! A family is healed and a young boy is given a final wish of having a family to call his own – a beautiful story!

Dove awarded this movie with 5 Doves. Recommended for families 12 and above.

Johnny..everyone has a mission

Trailer for Johnny from YouTube…


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