God’s Country…DVD

I watched another film the other night called God’s Country about a woman who is an attractive and ambitious investment banker who has an assignment that could project her career, but can she convince the owner of 1,000 acres of land to sell out to developers?

Meghan must travel to the Mojave Desert to convince the owner of God’s Country, which is in foreclosure, to sign over his land to her firm. God’s Country is an isolated Christian retreat and the minister who owns the property believes God will come through for them and he tells Meghan the only way he will consider signing is if she spends 6 days at the retreat and comes to understand what their ministry is all about. She reluctantly trades her high heels in for some hiking boots and after a few days begins to see the great value they are offering. She risks her job to try and help them and figures out a way to get them out of foreclosure. She won’t score points with her boss, but she learns that riches cannot always be found in “things.”

An inspiring story of love and faith and discovering that the most valuable things in life are not what you may think they are.

Trailer for God’ Country on YouTube

God's Country movie


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