Claim – by Lisa T. Bergren

Back in 1888, the St. Clair siblings head West, sent by their father, to start a new life. Moira has suffered burns and is trying to piece her life back together and questions the love of a man named Daniel who is dealing with demons of his own, but finds that her choice to leave the area proves not to be as it seems for her and the baby she is carrying. For Odessa, her husband Bryce and young son have challenges of their own as they build their ranch and begin to build a new town. Nic, the prodigal son, has traveled to various parts of the world as a fighter, but feels he needs to make some money before he returns to see his sister’s. He searches for peace, but until he finds himself in a town deep in the Rocky Mountains and starts mining an old claim and becomes intrigued by the local schoolteacher and the guardian of a young boy who lost his father to a gunman, he starts to experience the peace he has searched for and the realization that God loves him. But there is one more battle he must fight and will those that he has come to love stand by him or will he lose them?

A beautiful story of times back in the late 1800’s with a little intrigue, humor, romance, and the love of God all wrapped into one book. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone who loves Christian Fiction stories! It is book three in the Homeward Trilogy by Lisa T. Bergren. The first two books in this trilogy are: Breathe and Sing.

Claim - novel by L. T. Bergren

First and second books in the series:
Sing - novel by L. T. Bergren

Breathe - L. T. Bergren novel 1


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