Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope all had a Happy Heart Day today!

I spent most of my day with my two youngest nieces! Their teachers were in a conference all day today, so they did not have school. I picked them up and we first went searching for the perfect expression of our love for those we wanted to treat! We wasted some time at a local big chain store before lunch. We got an emergency call from my sister for a trip back to the flower shop for some flowers for one of her employees, dropped those off and then grabbed lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant. Then the oldest had an appointment for a hair cut and the youngest decided she wanted her hair done also, so she had her’s trimmed and then asked to have it braided. Looked very pretty when done and she loved it!

We went back to my place and we worked the rest of the afternoon before their Mom came and picked them up – we made 5 trays of scented/colored soap molds. I can still smell multiple scents on my hands! We had fun and they wondered when they could come again and do some more. I have a few other projects they can do when they can come again, as well as making more soap. We hope to try our hand at bath fizzies, scented bath salts, and trying our hand at lip balm again. We may even try making some sugar scrubs. We have made soap before and they turned out nice and we sold all of them at my sister’s consignment store! We made some hand sanitizer as well and will be selling that as well.

I go through withdrawl symptoms when I do not see my nieces – they have had a lot of issues with illness this year and so we have not spent a lot of time together like we usually do – it did my heart good today to spend the day with them and made my Valentine’s Day special.

How did you spend your day?


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