Violet Dawn – by Brandilyn Collins

This story is about Paige Williams, a single gal who moves to Kanner Lake. She awakes in the middle of the night unable to get back to sleep, so she slips out of bed, donning a towel and heads out to her deck to get into the hot tub, hoping that it will help her relax. She settles in and feels something touch her thigh. A short time later she feels something brush against her knee. She reaches her hands to her knee and something wraps around her fingers – she looks and it is hair. She gets out of the hot tub and pushes the canvas cover all the way back and finds a dead body floating in her hot tub.

Has the past come back to haunt her, if she contacts the police will they even believe her, she cannot let them find out who she really is, so she devises a plan, but the next day the police are given a tip that leads them right to Paige. She tries to remain calm, but knows they can sense her nervousness. She wonders how they found out what she did with the body in the hot tub so soon. Questions swirl in her mind, but no answers come. Before the police can pin it on her, her past comes back to haunt her – will she escape this man from her past?

Brandilyn Collins is a Christian mystery author and I enjoy her books – this is the first book in the series. Keeps you guessing to the end!


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