Places to check out in N.W. Iowa

The Grotto of Redemption
It is the largest man made Grotto in the world and made out of the largest collection of precious stones and gems. It portrays scenes in the Life of Christ using stones and gems. There is a camping area, gift shop, restaurant, and museum. You can see more information here at this website with photos:
The Grotto, West Bend, Iowa

Little Brown Church in the Vale
This little church was made famous by the song “The Church in the Wildwood,” written by William Pitts when he was traveling from Wisconsin to Iowa to visit his future wife. It is a very popular wedding site – one of my cousins got married here. It is open year round. For further information and the history of this little church please visit this site with photos:
Little Brown Church in the Vale…

University of Okoboji Winter Games
Every year at the end of January these winter games are held. The games were started in 1981 and they feature events of Broomball, flag football, softball, bag tournament, chili cook off, ice hockey, snowmobile fun and radar runs, polar plunge, fireworks and so much, much more! For photos of the events held and more information about Iowa’s Great Lakes winter games:
University of Iowa Winter Games…


4 thoughts on “Places to check out in N.W. Iowa

  1. The Grotto of the Redemption is a beautiful, serene place to visit. West Bend is a really nice town—my grandparents lived in West Bend. I used to know Fr. Louis Greving of the Catholic church in West Bend; he was a real prayer warrior and had a healing ministry.

    • Yes, it is a beautiful place – I have been there twice when I was younger, but it’s been a while since I was there. We enjoyed our visits there. Thanks for sharing about your experience there Tim!

    • Tim, I have never read Jane’s book “A Thousand Acres,” but I did see the movie that was created from the book and enjoyed it! It depicted life in Iowa pretty well. Also thank you for sharing the art work of Pam Cates – she is good!

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