What role does music play in your life?

Music – love it! I would probably not function well each day if I was not able to listen to it – it is like a life-giving source to me. It sometimes speaks what I am feeling even when I cannot put into words what I feel. It makes me want to move, dance, express myself. Music is a balm – it soothes my soul and can even lift my spirits when nothing else can. Music can express my mood and depending on that mood it also dictates what type/style of music I listen to at any given time.

I like variety in life and music is no different. I love various forms of music and each one affects me differently. I enjoy Celtic music, probably because of my Irish bloodline. I love Native American and Hebrew music with its beautiful haunting tunes. I love instrumental music because even though it does not have words – it still can speak to your whole being! I love country western/bluegrass music because I was raised around it and I love the sound of it. I love classic rock and roll – oldies, my era of 70-80’s music, and some modern day pop rock. My all time favorite is Christian music and the multiple levels of genre’s – Contemporary, Gospel, bluegrass, and the old classics such as An Old Rugged Cross. I was raised around this as well. I love to listen to the K-Love radio station every chance I get.

Music is a universal language and it can express different things to each individual and yet bring people together giving the same experience and feelings. It is a form of “therapy” and is a blessing in life! I believe the power in music is phenomenal and truly cannot be underestimated.

How does music affect your life or how does it move you?
I look forward to your comments!


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