Apple Cake with Thick Caramel Frosting

A heavenly sounding cake – must try this one!! Thanks Chaos and Cookies!

Chaos and Cookies

SONY DSCI have been attempting this blog post for almost a week now. It’s amazing how one thing after another can constantly interrupt.  I don’t even work outside the home other than my volunteer work, so tell me all you parents who both work outside the home, how do you do it?! How do you keep up?!  Between sick kids after a sick husband, kids in and out 24/7 letting the puppy out so we have to chase her all over the neighborhood, band events, other school events, painting rooms one at a time to make our new house a home, etc etc. I could go on and on! Does anyone else notice that just when you block out a chunk of “you” time in your mind to get things done on the computer, you walk in, cup of break coffee in hand, a sense of relief for a few…

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