Be Still and Know…

One of my fave Bible verses is Psalms 46:10…”Be still and know that I am God.”  Why do you suppose God put a verse like that in the Bible?  What does it mean to be still.  I live on a farm in Iowa and I have watched rabbits in our yard dart from one bush to the next and yet there are times when they will stop in transit and be very, very still – almost like they are frozen.

I think about the rabbit in the yard – what must he be thinking when he “freezes” for a moment.   I imagine he is surveying the path ahead, listening and watching for danger around him, and deciding on what bush to find refuge under.   Why do we as humans think that if we do not take time out of our busy schedules and “freeze” and allow God to guide us on our paths that we will make it safely without Him to the next hour?  So often we find that we fall into traps or hazardous circumstances because we did not take time to be still.   He knows what lies ahead and what dangers await us!  Should we not be like the rabbit and be still, seek the all-knowing, all-seeing surveyor and take time to listen to the one who created us and who loves us?

I understand that life is hectic and seems there are not enough hours in our days, but I have found if I do not take time out of my schedule to be still that my days do not go as well.  I have found that if I do take time in my mornings and there are wrenches thrown into my path during the day, I have been equipped to handle what comes because I spent time in prayer, reading my Bible and then listening for God’s voice.  He longs to direct our paths and get us through our days!  Will you take time to be still and know the power of God in your day-to-day life?

Prayer and Bible reading


4 thoughts on “Be Still and Know…

  1. Thanks for sharing Lori….I also don’t feel right when I don’t take the time to have quiet time and reflect on what God is trying to tell me and read His word……..we all need His word and guidance….Praise God….hugs my friend!

    • I know a lot of people do not like to be still – this world moves so fast and everyone is in a hurry to get somewhere. I agree that I think people are afraid to be still and feel they have to be doing something 24/7 or they feel guilty or think they are not being productive, but God commands us to be still and know that he is God – Psalms 46:10. I know that with being still one can find solutions to problems and work through other issues one is facing. I truly believe God meant for us to have moments of stillness so that we can connect with Him and through those times have direction in our lives and get in tune with His voice. Thank you for sharing this writing – I enjoyed it!

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